Sensei Francisco Antonio "Panche" Garcia, 3rd Dan
Interviewed by Natasha Khatwani, 3rd Kyu, Age 13. Written October, 2008.

image of Natasha Khatwani
Image of Natasha Khatwani

Francisco Panche Garcia

Francisco Antonio Garcia, better known to everyone as Panche, has been practicing karate in Belize for well over 25 years. Although he has dabbled a little with Kung-Fu, Tan Su and Taekwondo, his main focus during this time has been Shotokan Karate.  When he started karate, he never imagined that he would reach the level that he is today of Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt).

During this time Sensei Panche has competed successfully, both nationally and internationally, but his passion is simply to train karate which he does under the guidance of his Instructor Sensei John Nunez. His love for all aspects of karate training (basics, kumite and katas), led him to establish the Belize City Shotokan Karate-Do. Despite a busy working schedule for a Duty Free Company he remains actively involved in his Dojo as Club Instructor, sharing his wealth of karate knowledge and experience with timeless patience.