Instructor Profile: John Reyes, 1st Dan
By Calvert Quilter, 1st Kyu, Age 12. Written October, 2008.

Hanna Diskin
Image of Calvert Quilter. Photo by Dru Abrams.


Image of John Reyes.  Photo by Dru Abrams.

John Reyes, a twenty year old first degree black belt is a great instructor. John started to train at the age of six. He has been involved in karate for fourteen years. John’s main instructor was sensei Leonard Nunez.

To date, he competed in three international tournaments. One in México city, another in Panama and the last one recently in Canada, in which some of his juniors including myself competed in. So far his record stands at three first place for team kata, while his team still remains undefeated nationally. His individual winnings, one first and a third place for kata and a first and a third for kumite nationally.

John is also perusing a bachelor’s degree in tourism management at the University of Belize. His major goals remains to be recognized in an international tournament and to continue training in order to reach his fullest potential in karate.

By: Calvert Quilter(C.J)


Updates --- Since this article was written the author, Calvert Quilter, has been promoted to the rank of Shodan (1st dan). John Reyes has been promoted to the rank of Nidan (2nd dan). Revised August 30, 2009.