POLA FRAME v1.0 for iView MediaPro
by Jeremy Wilker
December 4, 2000

Pola Frame v1.0 is a set of HTML Gallery templates for use with iView MediaPro. It was designed to look clean and professional and just maybe look something like a certain type of instant-developing photograph. I made it for my own needs but I hope you find it useful as well. It works particularly well with photographs and quicktime movies. The navigation buttons are in the exact same place on every page so it is easy for viewers to flip through your gallery.


Pola Frame uses features of the 4.x or above web browsers. It really won't work on older browsers - sorry. Why? Because it uses some basic style sheets, margins, and it uses some table features (background images in cells) of the newer browsers.
It has been successfully tested with:
- Netscape 4.7 (all good)
- iCab 2.1 (style sheets don't really work)

The INDEX page is set up fairly basic. The title of your iView MediaPro catalog is displayed near the upper left. The links to multiple index pages (if any) are displayed in a smaller font immediately below the title. The thumbnails are displayed in rows and columns as you specify in iView MediaPro and the thumbnails are bottom justified to help with consistent look. The filename is displayed in a lightly shaded box below the thumbnail preview. At the bottom left of the page is the "Made with iView MediaPro" badge.

The MEDIA page (starting in upper left) contains three navigation buttons (index, previous and next). Below this is the image's HEADLINE and below the headline is the image's CAPTION. Near the bottom of the column is the image's COPYRIGHT (if any) and in smaller lighter type is the notice that the page was "Made with iView MediaPro". The great trick here is that the period at the end of the "made with..." line is actually the next image in the sequence loaded as a 1x1 pixel image. This puts it into the browser cache and when the "next" button is clicked it pops right up. While the visitor is viewing the image/text the next image is being loaded.
The second column is where the image gets displayed, inside that nice "Pola Frame", and it should work on any size image! In the thicker white bottom border is displayed the FILENAME.

(On export, I personally like to use a 5 row x 5 column index with MEDIUM thumbnails and make iView MediaPro size the images to fit 500 x 500 pixels. iView will resize to fit the longest dimension to this setting. Works great.)

You will need to copy or move these files into their appropriate folders inside the HTML Templates folder of iView MediaPro. Don't worry, it is very simple.

* pola_frame_index.html
* madewithiview.gif

* pola_frame_media.html
* pixel.gif
* pola_btmlftcorner.jpg
* pola_btmmid.jpg
* pola_btmrtcorner.jpg
* pola_buttonindex.jpg
* pola_buttonnext.jpg
* pola_buttonprev.jpg
* pola_midlft.jpg
* pola_midrt.jpg
* pola_uplftcorner.jpg
* pola_upmid.jpg
* pola_uprtcorner.jpg

Pola Frame templates are free to use anytime, anywhere. It would very nice to get an email message from you if you use it or like it. And I'd love to see your online photo gallery!

Enjoy your photo galleries

I am not responsible. (Sheesh, do we really need to disclaim every little thing? I think not). Your photo gallery may look nice. It may get more views. It may be easier and nicer to view. So be it. Also, I recommend setting iView to size your images to fit 500x500 pixels. I think it looks nice. Now go ride your bike. Eat really good food. Support light rail. Call your family once in a while. Stretch. Take more pictures. Be sincere but have fun. And finally, in case I didn't mention it, have fun. Really.